Monday, June 10, 2013

My Needles are Smokin!

I've been doing more knitting than quilting lately because it's more portable.  My quilting projects will be on hold for a couple of months due to....vacation!  I'm going back east to see family and will be gone until about the first of August.

Meanwhile, here's a pair of socks that I recently finished:

These are knit with Knitpicks Felici fingering weight yarn in the Moonlit colorway.  I worked on these mostly during rehearsals and while watching Midsommer Murder episodes on Netflix.  I'm STILL not able to pick out the murderer!

My latest WIP (work-in-progress) is more socks:

I'm loving these!  Definitely MY Halloween socks.  Yes kids, these are mine, all mine!  This is more Felici fingering weight yarn in the colorway Spooky.  Appropriate!
And I got a great deal on this sport weight yarn from Knitpicks.  They're either discontinuing the line or making room for new colors. Each skein was only $2.75!  Score!


The skeins on top are the Kingpin colorway, the ones at the bottom are Macaroon, and the ones on the right side of the photo are the Southwest colorway.  Since these skeins are sport weight yarn, they probably won't end up as socks.  I'm thinking mittens, hats, scarves, maybe even a shawl.

I can't wait to visit all the yarn stores in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.  Yes, I want to see ALL the stores.  And it will be so fun to watch the reaction of Spyder and Lizzie (my daughters' cats) to the yarn.  Can I say I look forward to driving them bananas?  And yes, I'll be on a ton of antihistamines while I'm there. 

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