Friday, March 8, 2013

Is Spring Finally Here?

This has been a brutal winter in Utah.  Our normal snowfall is between 20-30ish inches in the Valley.  This year, we've had over 66 inches.  The temps have been so low, the snow hasn't had a chance to melt until.....this week!  It's melting!  (Cue the wicked witch). 

So my winter blues are easing up a bit. 

I have another quilt top ready to be quilted and it's a cute little bugger!  I'll have it finished soon and will post a picture. 

If you're in the USA, it's daylight savings time on Sunday.  Remember to set your clocks forward an hour.  Thank goodness my cell phone and cable change automatically.  No more showing up to church when everyone else is leaving!  (Yes, that happened - ONCE). 


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